• Commissions on this page is for personal use only.  If you want to use my artwork for commercial purposes, send me an email and we will discuss the change in payment.
  • Please do not cancel your orders. If you do, I am unable to offer a refund since I more then likely have already started working on the piece.
  • All payments are to be paid in advance for personal commissions.  
  • I do send WIPs and an initial rough sketch.
  • Please send your payment  after I have accepted your order to be added to the confirmed list.
  • I’ll send you a png and a psd in full size after I've finished the picture, and I will only upload a resized version to my websites and Portfolio  ( jpg format)
  •  I only accept payments through paypal and Google Wallet. ( EMAIL: LATTE.CHERRI@GMAIL.COM )

Things to know:

  • I draw in semi-cartoon style, but if you want a certain style, let me know.

  • Most props and simple backgrounds do not cost extra, but additional things may be an additional cost to my discretion depending on complexity.

  • If you are not comfortable with it your commission being posted on the internet a private e-mail can be sent.
  • These will go in my portfolio, if you would not like that please let me know.
  • Email me if you have any more questions.
  • USD only!
Fill Out Please and Email:

Your E-mail:
Pose/Expression Wanted:
Links for reference:

Will not :
  •  Porn. Slight nsfw maybe.
  • Excessive violence/blood/gore
  •  Anything that may be offensive to its viewer.


Line Art - $10
  • Extra Characters- $5

Flat Colors- $20
  • Extra Characters + $10

Full Color - $25
  • Extra Characters +$15

Past Commissions

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